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Twitter and Creating Content E-Courses are now reduced each to £15!

£15.PNGI never set out to make a massive amount of money from the E-Courses. These are designed to help people on their own time and their own pace.

The bare bones of the E-Courses are:

  • They are both 13 weeks long. 
  • Sent to you once a week.
  • 1 Hour follow up call during or after the course to help support you.

So with all that in mind, I have decided that for the rest of 2017, I will be reducing the price of the Twitter E-Course and the Creating Content E-Course to ONLY £15 each!

This means you get all the above for £15 per course instead of £50! (The follow-up call is worth £50 alone!).

Maximum Value at Minimum Price 

So here are the links to sign up, all you need to do is subscribe to the E-Course and I will send you an invoice for £15. It’s really that simple!

Sign up to the 13 week Twitter E-Course!

Sign up to the 13 week Creating Content E-Course!

Hope you enjoy the E-Course and please snap these up while they are only £15 per E-Course.

Ps, I’ll be releasing all the dates for the Leamington Hour’s Networking Events on Friday. If you are looking to network and meet people from all over Warwickshire, keep your eyes peeled!


My new workshop is launching on 22nd January 2018!

asset workshop.PNG

Are you struggling to come up with fresh and new ideas for your business?

Are you stick in a rut with posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and need a new energy injected into it?

Do you have an idea that you want to spread but don’t know how to?

This is the workshop that you need to book onto!

Over the past few years, I have been working with businesses to help them tell their story and at the same time, building and marketing assets to help position me as the go-to guy for social media. These have included Blogs (which I use to hate writing), Newsletters, Radio Show and a Podcast to name a few.

In recent times, I have been training people how to make these for their businesses and help them tell their story. This is now including Videos, Pictures, Facebook Lives and so much more that instead of doing individual workshops and 1-2-1 sessions, I am bringing these into one workshop.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • How to incorporate Pictures, Video and Live Streaming into your day to day social media.
  • How to start and market a Blog, Podcast or Radio Show.
  • What you need to know about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to market these.
  • What to do when you have an idea and where could it lead to?

We will be holding this workshop at Slate Art Gallery in Leamington Spa where we will be discussing not only how to do these, but how to implement them.

This is not a theory based workshop but a practical and creative space to explore new ideas!

Do you want to book your place? Click here to get your Early Bird Ticket! 

In turn, we will be:

  • Overcoming the barriers that are stopping you from doing these at the moment.
  • Help you create new ideas and see how far you can take these.
  • Give you the confidence to explore different areas that you have seen others do, but didn’t think you could.

This is not going to be your traditional workshop and it will change your business and perception about what is possible! It will help you take your marketing to the next level when you implement it and I will be on hand to support you afterwards. Everyone who comes on the course will get a FREE 1 Hour Skype Call 1 week after the workshop and you can book extra calls if needed.

I want your business to succeed and to open up your mind when it comes to your marketing. It does not have to be stuffy and boring and can be entertaining, thought-provoking and great fun!

This is your chance to change your social media!

If you cannot make the 22nd January then we will be holding this workshop throughout the year. Follow us on social media for all the latest information!

Have a great weekend and speak to you soon,


Do you need help on Twitter?


Are you free on Wednesday to attend my last Beginners’ Twitter Workshop before I launch new workshop next week?

Are you really stuck on Twitter and can’t get started?
Do you know someone who has an account on Twitter but doesn’t know what to tweet?
Do you want an account but are you really unsure what it is or how to use it?

If you are any of the above or know anyone who is in that boat then I am running just the workshop for you!!

It is aimed at beginners and will help you get set up with the basics; an account if you haven’t already got one and then the basics of Twitter.

We will be covering:

  • How to set up an account
  • How to fill out your profile
  • How to use the tools on Twitter from your computer or mobile device.
  • What to tweet and how to get maximum impact from your tweet.

It’s a 2-hour event and is going to be limited to 15 people. It will be at The Fat Pug between 11am – 1pm.and is the last time I will be doing this workshop.

As a support afterwards, you will have access to my Twitter E-Course which will go through each section of Twitter in more detail.

Click here to book into this workshop NOW!

If you can’t make it on Wednesday but you need a hand with Twitter, this will be available as a 1-2-1 session for £50 for the two-hour session. The new workshop will be about a different topic and will be launched next week!


Power of Saying YES!

power of saying yes.PNG

Do you make your own luck?

I am firm believing that you make your own luck and the harder you work, the luckier you get!

Over the last three years, I have worked very hard to build relationships and made opportunities for myself. Along the way, I have helped businesses, events, communities and people in different ways. These have developed my skills and they have benefited by my skills being used on their projects.

3 things that wouldn’t of have happened if I did not say yes! 

  1. Wouldn’t have started doing social media for different events.
  2. Wouldn’t have got a show on Radio Warwickshire and in turn, a successful podcast on iTunes and on other platforms.
  3. Wouldn’t have started a business as I wouldn’t have started coaching and training people.

In essence, my life would have been so different and the list doesn’t stop there. It expands to speaking, hosting events, developing websites, newsletters and blogging skills, networking and better communication skills and so much more.

I have now learnt that opportunities are all around us. You need to be keen to spot them and see them for not just it is at that moment in time, but what it could lead you to do.

If you take anything away from this, please take this:

If it scares you, DO IT!!
If it is going to develop a new skill, DO IT!!
If you are in two minds but the opportunity might not come around again, DO IT!! 

Over the next year, I will be able to give more and more people opportunities that will scare, challenge or (quite frankly) freak them out. When I come knocking on your door with something, I am hoping you remember this and say yes!!

Trust me, the more you do that is outside your comfort zone, the bigger the comfort zone gets and the more opportunities will come your way.


Are you coming to the Stratford Business Show?

stratford business show17

Next Thursday (5th October), We will be at the Stratford Business Show and when I say we, I mean myself and the members of this network.

I will be having a stand at the show BUT I will be in charge of the social media for the event so I have invited all of the members of Leamington Hour to exhibit their products and services on the stand.

As well as seeing and meeting the glorious members, I will be giving away three FREE items if you come and visit the stand:

  1. A 12-month membership to all of the Leamington Hour and Grow Coventry Events.
  2. A 3-month subscription to the Grow Marketing Subscription.
  3. Free copy of the Social Media Guide and NEW Twitter E-Book (only available to members!).

All of these will be drawn after the event so please come and say hello, drop in your business card for a chance to win one of these offers!

How does that sound?  The Annual Stratford Business Show is confirmed for the 5 Oct 2017 from 9.00am to 15.00pm and last year they had around 100 local businesses taking part and attracted over 300+ visitors.

There is an early morning PRE BIZ SHOW FREE Networking Breakfast to kick-start the show and last year this was attended by over 125+ people! I went and will be there again as it’s a great way of networking and meeting new people.

Also, there are FREE Business Seminars available throughout the day!

9:00 – GDPR – Myths and Mysteries –
Helen Barge of Risk Evolves  BOOK HERE

10:00 – Branding? Why Bother?
Rob Harrison of Glued   BOOK HERE

11:00 – Developing Women Leaders
Sally Dhillon of Career Mums   BOOK HERE

12:00 – Creative and Memorable Marketing
Rebecca Fahy of Jigsaw CCS  BOOK HERE

1:00PM – HR Basics: Ensure You Know More About Employing People Than Your Staff
Lucy Jenkinson of Hartwell HR   BOOK HERE

2:00PM – Micro-Moments – the future of online marketing
Neil Curtis of Netvisibility   BOOK HERE

To see more information about what is going on, here is the website so you can check out more information HERE!

Let me know if you are going to be there and speak to you soon!

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