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Last Chance to Bag a Bargain!

Thank you

Thank you!

Now that 2017 is coming to a close, I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has played a part in my journey this year. 2018 is going to be the year when I add serious value to everyone who I know and I wanted to start this today.

I have got a few Early Bird Offers on some of my products and services which end on Monday 1st January and I really wouldn’t want you to miss out on getting them as the lower price.

So here they are!

star and garter

Leamington Hour’s Networking Events: Now- £100 and in 2018 will be-£150
In its 4th year, our monthly networking event is held at the Star and Garter in Leamington Spa. We have at least one guest speaker per meeting and open networking before and after the speech.

CLICK HERE to find out more! 

asset workshop

Building Assets for your Business Workshop: Now- £75 and in 2018 will be- £125

In this workshop we will cover: How to incorporate Pictures, Video and Live Streaming into your day to day social media. How to start and market a Blog, Podcast or Radio Show. What you need to know about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to market these. What to do when you have an idea and where could it lead to?

CLICK HERE to find out more!


Creating Content and Twitter E-Courses: Now- £15 and in 2018 will be- £35
These two courses are designed for you to learn about Twitter and the different ways you can create content on social media at your own pace by sending out a w weekly email with a PDF and activities for you to do.

CLICK on the links to find out more about the Creating Content E-Course and the Twitter E-Course!

Thank you again and don’t forget that my 31 days of FREE gifts in January starts on Monday! Have a great rest of 2017 and see you in 2018


My Top Ten Highlights of 2017!


With 2017 coming to an end, I wanted to share with you my top 10 highlights of 2017 (in no particular order).

  1. Leamington Hour’s Networking Events started to have members for the first time. In 2017, we had great speakers and found our home at the Star and Garter. This is given us the platform to grow this in 2018 and get more inspirational people to this monthly event.
  2. Working on different events such as Networking Mummies and Leamington Business Awards, Art in the Park and Leamington Food and Drink Festival (to name a few) and manage their social media during the events itself. Also recording different Podcasts at events such as The Woman Who… Awards and different launch events were amazing!.
  3. Going self-employed and controlling my future! Thank you to everyone who supported me and told me to go for it! This has been the scariest and most exhilarating thing I have ever done and it is a journey that will help everyone in years to come.
  4. Working for Deliveroo and falling back in love with cycling. Long hours in the saddle (for a low wage) made me see the world, business and people in a different light. These people are machines and need to be respected more. This helped me transition from Full-Time work to Self Employment and was an amazing experience (and I still have the tan lines to prove it!).
  5. Returning to working on community projects such as The Friends of The Pump Room Gardens. Being part of the board and helping to make a difference is really rewarding. This is only the start of this journey but I am excited to see where this is going to end.
  6. All of the public speaking I have done from 4Sights, Workshops, Facebook Lives, being an MC at fairs and chairing a panel at a recent digital event. Every time I do these, I feel like I am communicating better and making the experience for the audience greater as well. 2018 will be a big year for this!
  7. All of the people I have met and spoken to at any networking and other events. You have all helped along this journey. A big shout out to the Beta Testers Group for pushing and supporting me and TEDx Leamington for being one of the best events I have been to ever!
  8. Everyone who I have interviewed on my Radio Show and Podcast. I have learnt so much from your insights and journeys. This will continue in the future and the new LIVE show will start on Monday 15th January 2018!
  9. All of the knowledge I have gained over the last year. This has been the best year of my life so far and I feel I have grown so much after absorbing the knowledge in 2017. Every day I am picking something new up so I am excited to see what I will be learning about in 2018.
  10. All my friends and family. Without you, none of the above would have happened!

In summary, 2017 has been the year for change and 2018 will be the year of enhancing and bringing value to everything I do.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!



Can your business thrive in the snow?


It is snow time!

The snow has come down across the country and some people today have woken up to a choice, can I make it to work today?

Now if you are anything like me, I love the snow but not the craziness and the logistical nightmare that it causes. Events close down, some of the roads are dangerous to drive (and drivers are not careful enough) and some businesses are going to have staff call them tomorrow saying they cannot come into work.

Well, here are 5 ways I would think about doing over the next week to help you and your business not fall behind.

Work from home!

Sounds a simple and crazy idea but do you need to go to the office? Can you access your works files from home, call or use Skype to communicate to customers and have you got your files stored somewhere that you can access them? (ie  Dropbox, Google Drive or a shared cloud-based system). If not, it might be worth settling up these at some point!

Don’t be afraid to cancel appointments and change plans!
I cycle to most of my appointments on my bicycle which means snow is not my friend. Even with a car available, I personally wouldn’t take the risk of driving to appointments if an alternative can be arranged. Also, some people will not be able to get out of their villages or streets and this isn’t their fault. These things happen and we need to adapt to them.

Write those Blogs who have wanted to do for ages!
Have you been saying that you want to start writing blogs but you haven’t got the time? Do it now!! Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. How has 2017 been for you and what 5 lessons have you learnt.
  2. What are your goals for 2018?
  3. 5 Top Tips for your business
  4. Your journey and how you got into your profession.
  5. Your top 5 books, podcasts, blogs that you want to share with others.

Take some family time and enjoy!
This is a great option and something I would recommend if you are able to do it. Giving back and taking done downtime could re-energise and focus you more when you get back to work.

Just carry on as normal!
Simple as this, plough on and don’t change what you are doing!

Good Luck, Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Gary Jones


Are you coming along Wednesday?


We have a brilliant event for you to go to on Wednesday evening as The Star and Garter will host this month Leamington Hour Networking Event (it has come around so quickly!).

We have two brilliant speakers at this event in the form of Derek Fraser Croson and Alison Fox talking about all things hypnotherapy, public speaking, mindsets, confidence and so much more!

This is the last official event of 2017 as in December, we will be hosting a Networking Lunch at Kitchenorium and going out for drinks in the evening. For more information, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn over this week.

Click here to buy your ticket for this event! 

See you on Wednesday!


Why I love Collaboration!


Today, I wanted to tell you a story of what has happened to me this week. This isn’t blowing my own trumpet but to share with you why these happened and what you could benefit from doing it.

It is all about collaboration. I have always said that collaboration is more important than competition and a few things that happened this week has cemented this idea.

It started on Monday when I started to watch a documentary series on Netflix called Genius. It’s all about famous rivalries throughout history and how it helped the industry move forward. What I found very intriguing was that most of the time, these leaders actually worked together at points which helped both parties. This means what I am saying isn’t new, but something that has merit and has stood the test of time.

Emerald fb

Secondly, on Wednesday I took part in a joint Facebook Live with Sarah Windrum from The Emerald Group. Sarah does a monthly Facebook Live and I have seen and joined in as a viewer for a few of them. We decided to join forces for this one and I loved every second of it.

To see the full Facebook Live, CLICK HERE! 


The third thing that has happened which was fantastic is that the first Business Success Network Podcast was released. This is a Podcast that I have produced on behalf of Stacey Calder (owner and editor of the Business Success Magazine) and features an interview with Stacey and the cover star of the magazine. This is a lot of fun and there are so many golden nuggets to pick out of it.

To listen to the Podcast, CLICK HERE! 

And lastly, tomorrow I will be the MC for the Networking Mummies Christmas Fair. This will mean standing in front of over 40 stall holders and the members of the public. This is an amazing opportunity and I will push me into a zone that is increasingly feeling easier. This will be held at the iconic Leamington Town Hall and also during the fair, I will be creating a special Podcast for the event.

Of course, what you are only seeing is the tip of the iceberg and not the hard work that goes into setting these up. That’s the boring bit but without the previous Facebook Lives, Podcasts, conversations and effort being put in, these would not have happened.

So what are some of the lessons that you can glean from this:

  1. Collaboration can spread your awareness of your business or company quicker and help you develop new and exciting opportunities.
  2. Be open to new opportunities that scare you and push you mentally or physically. That way you grow and get better at seeking new opportunities.
  3. Use different mediums to communicate your messages to as your audience will change depending on each platform.

So please, do not view people as competition. Start looking for new opportunities and approach people who you can help and can help you.

Speak to you soon!


Can you still see your goals?

Evernote Camera Roll 20161231 2308072.jpg

How has 2017 been so far?

For some people, they might not remember their goals from the start of the year whilst some will know how they are tracking.

For me, I set a number of goals at the start of the year and then made mini goals based on them. These have changed throughout the months but I know how I am doing against them and what I need to do to hit them.

Here are a few questions I would like to throw out to it today:

Can you remember your goals?
Firstly, did you write them down? If not then can you remember them? If you did write them down, how are you doing compared to them and if you can remember them, write them down NOW! This way your goals become real and not something just inside your head.

Do you need to change direction or change your goals?
If you are in the wrong direction (but can still see the goal) or have you lost it and the goals are no longer relevant or not achievable. Whatever the answer, use this time to refocus and make your goals achievable. Create mini goals and work towards these to start implementing change.

Who can you get into your business to achieve them?
If it’s a case that your goals are still achievable but you need support from others, make the decision whether to get them in. It could be the difference between you hitting the target or missing it. The short-term cost could pay dividends and kickstart you to a fabulous 2018.

How can you increase your awareness or visibility to increase sales?
Are there any events you can attend or can you increase your social media presence to improve your results? If this is something that could make or break you hitting your targets, decide whether to change this now.

Review your products and Services, are they working for you? 
This is a great time to review where your revenue is coming from and which services are bringing in the best return on investment. If you keep doing the services that are bringing you the best revenge, you will be hitting your targets quicker than focussing in what’s not.

What are your 3 goals for the rest of 2017?
So, after you have reviewed all of the points above, decide on three goals that will help you from your business. From these three goals, break these down into the next three months and work towards them.This way you will be more focused for the rest of year and finish 2017 on a high!

Good luck and speak to you soon,