Business Services

There are the 5 main ways that I can help your business:


1. Social Media Training- Starting at £50 per hour

I can work with you one to one or in a group to fill the gaps in your knowledge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Platforms.

2. Grow Marketing Subscription- £50 per month

If you would like full-time marketing support through weekly blogs, twice a month calls, guides, templates and so much more than this is for you. I will be your marketing support for your company.

3. Monthly Review of your Social Media- Starting from £100 per month (2 hour session).

I can sit down with you and review the messages you have sent out on social media and blogs to make sure the correct messages are being sent out. We will then make adjustments to these messages and create a plan for the next month. If you have trouble with motivation and need someone to make you accountable to send out blogs and social media, this is the service for you.

4. Social Media Management (including Blogs and Email Campaigns)- Starting from £150 per month

If you do not want to manage your social media or you haven’t got time then let me! We will have weekly meetings which I will create the messages for you and then manage the account for you. This includes replying to people, sharing new content or other people’s content and can be done on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Or all three platforms). This can also be done with Email Campaigns and Blogs.

5. Make your own Podcast- Starting from £100 for a 30-minute Podcast.

I can sit down with you create your very own Podcast. This can be used on any platform and creates a brilliant asset for your business.