Can your business thrive in the snow?


It is snow time!

The snow has come down across the country and some people today have woken up to a choice, can I make it to work today?

Now if you are anything like me, I love the snow but not the craziness and the logistical nightmare that it causes. Events close down, some of the roads are dangerous to drive (and drivers are not careful enough) and some businesses are going to have staff call them tomorrow saying they cannot come into work.

Well, here are 5 ways I would think about doing over the next week to help you and your business not fall behind.

Work from home!

Sounds a simple and crazy idea but do you need to go to the office? Can you access your works files from home, call or use Skype to communicate to customers and have you got your files stored somewhere that you can access them? (ie  Dropbox, Google Drive or a shared cloud-based system). If not, it might be worth settling up these at some point!

Don’t be afraid to cancel appointments and change plans!
I cycle to most of my appointments on my bicycle which means snow is not my friend. Even with a car available, I personally wouldn’t take the risk of driving to appointments if an alternative can be arranged. Also, some people will not be able to get out of their villages or streets and this isn’t their fault. These things happen and we need to adapt to them.

Write those Blogs who have wanted to do for ages!
Have you been saying that you want to start writing blogs but you haven’t got the time? Do it now!! Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. How has 2017 been for you and what 5 lessons have you learnt.
  2. What are your goals for 2018?
  3. 5 Top Tips for your business
  4. Your journey and how you got into your profession.
  5. Your top 5 books, podcasts, blogs that you want to share with others.

Take some family time and enjoy!
This is a great option and something I would recommend if you are able to do it. Giving back and taking done downtime could re-energise and focus you more when you get back to work.

Just carry on as normal!
Simple as this, plough on and don’t change what you are doing!

Good Luck, Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Gary Jones

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