Twitter and Creating Content E-Courses are now reduced each to £15!

£15.PNGI never set out to make a massive amount of money from the E-Courses. These are designed to help people on their own time and their own pace.

The bare bones of the E-Courses are:

  • They are both 13 weeks long. 
  • Sent to you once a week.
  • 1 Hour follow up call during or after the course to help support you.

So with all that in mind, I have decided that for the rest of 2017, I will be reducing the price of the Twitter E-Course and the Creating Content E-Course to ONLY £15 each!

This means you get all the above for £15 per course instead of £50! (The follow-up call is worth £50 alone!).

Maximum Value at Minimum Price 

So here are the links to sign up, all you need to do is subscribe to the E-Course and I will send you an invoice for £15. It’s really that simple!

Sign up to the 13 week Twitter E-Course!

Sign up to the 13 week Creating Content E-Course!

Hope you enjoy the E-Course and please snap these up while they are only £15 per E-Course.

Ps, I’ll be releasing all the dates for the Leamington Hour’s Networking Events on Friday. If you are looking to network and meet people from all over Warwickshire, keep your eyes peeled!

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