Are you ready for the Daily Video Challenge!

daily video challenge

It’s time to take the Daily Video Challenge!

I have been saying to people for ages that recording and posting a video on social media will massively help peoples businesses.

They increase engagement and people will get to know you quicker. This means that they will trust you quicker and would possibly want to work with more compared to someone else as they know you from the videos.


So last month I decided for 10 days, I would record a video per day to see how it felt and how easy it would be to do. I originally posted it on Facebook (in a closed group) and then after a few days of doing it, I started to post it on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and on Youtube.

I learnt so much that I have carried on doing videos and although they might not be daily now, I have learnt the following lessons from doing them:

  1. You can always find time to do one.
  2. They get easier the more you do.
  3. People recognise you from the videos and say hello to you!
  4. You can plan the video and if you don’t like it, you do not have to post it!
  5. You can do them anywhere.

Come and look at my YouTube Channel to see My Video Challenges!

I now want to open this to anyone who would like to do take up the challenge for themselves! We have already had 3 people take this up and they have all said that it was easier than they thought it would be.

The Rules

  1. You can start the 10-day challenge at any time.
  2. The videos have to be uploaded onto either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube.
  3. You must include the Hashtag #myvideochallenge in your description.
  4. All the videos must be posted within a 14 day period.
  5. Maximum of one video to be uploaded per day.

Are you ready? If you complete the challenge you will get access to my Grow Marketing Subscription for 1 month.You can see what is included in this if you CLICK HERE This is worth over £250 and will help your business grow and get more confident on social media!

Here are a few blogs to help you with this challenge:

Why should you bother with video on social media?
9 Tips for making sure your Facebook Live is fantastic!
7 Ideas for Video and Live Streaming

Good luck! Please let me know how you get on and tag me in your posts to keep me updated!

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