The Night that Leamington Hour Rocked!!!

sept LH

Last week, we had the latest Leamington Hour’s Networking Event at The Moorings and we had a blast!!

With 20 businesses in the room, we had two brilliant open networking sessions during which people got to know each other.

We then sat down for the main presentation of the evening delivered by James Justice.

sept LH1.JPG

It was a first for Leamington Hour as James brought his electric guitar and showed us all how making a guitar track is the same as managing any project (you can watch the first 12 minutes of this by watching it on YouTube). It was a brilliant presentation and thank you, James!

The next Networking Event will on Wednesday 11th October at The Star and Garter. We have two brilliant speakers on the night and we would love it if you came along and say hello!

Click here to book your seat at this event! 

daily video challenge.JPG
We also launched a Daily Video Challenge. For the last 10 days, I have made a daily video and it has been a revelation and already changing my business.

I announced this and set the challenge for anyone else to do the same. If you want to get involved, post the video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram including #myvideochallenge (I am posting it on my YouTube Channel if you wanted to see the story so far).

Thank you for all those you came to the event and speak to you soon!

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