What is your top tip for Facebook? Here are 10 of mine!

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Over the last few weeks, I have been busy writing my Content E-Course and my Social Media Guide. This guide is going to house all of my Top Tips for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram as well as tips on creating content, managing your social media and different strategies on each platform. This is only available for my clients and people who are part of the Grow Marketing Subscription but………

I thought that I would share a section with you today, so here are my top 10 tips for Facebook!

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Post consistently every day 
You do not know when people are on social media so you need to post consistently so when they do go on, they will see your posts. This is a fundamental rule for social media.

Have a personal and business page as well as a group
This is a great way of separating your messages to your different followers. Post personal information on your Personal Page and business updates on your Business Page. It is a great idea to set up a group for your community or industry. Groups are a great place to share information, link up with different people, promote conversation between people and so much more.

Use groups to talk to other people and build your following 
There are many groups on Facebook for all different locations and interests. These are a great to talk to people who are not on your friends’ list and brilliant for sharing information to a new audience. Remember, talk more than you post!

Comment on other people’s post more than you post. 
This is a common thing on social media, people forget about the SOCIAL part of it! Some people just post, post and keep posting without engaging with others. Talk to people, add to conversational, support people and when you end to tell people something, people will be more likely to engage and listen.

Make sure your messages are longer than your Twitter message and include links to Websites
You need to adjust to message to the platform you are on. Facebook has a larger character limit than the other platforms which means your posts can be longer. This can include links, pictures, videos and GIF’s to put out engaging content to your audience.

Use the tools that Facebook gives you Create events, Use Facebook Live, Use Facebook Ads etc.
Facebook gives you so many tools to help you promote different things. By creating an event you can invite people to it and update them on that particular event. Also, Facebook Lives is the best way to engage your community and deliver your message. A targeted Facebook Ad campaign has one of the best ROI as long as it is TARGETED so should not be discounted.

Commit to producing a Video/Facebook Live per week
Video and Live Streaming is only going to get more important on social media. In 5 years time, they estimate that over 60% of content will be of this type. All you need to get started with this is a smart phone and a plan. Uploading is the same as a photo and after the first few times, the fear goes away!

Explore new groups and get involved
As there are so many groups out there, go exploring! Search for new groups in your local area, groups in different locations or other groups that people are already part of. Once you are part of that group, say hello and talk to people. Don’t just go into the group and start sending out your selling posts as people need to get to know you before you start selling.

Make sure you are engaging more than you are selling
People buy from people and if all you are doing is posting “buy my stuff” messages, no one will buy from you. Take time to talk to people more than posting out selling messages as this is when people are going to see your posts and then when a selling post comes onto their timeline, they will be more likely to buy or recommend to someone else.

Tell people what events you will be at, show them what they are missing at the events and where they can find you next
If you are going to an event, tell people about it so they can visit you. When you are there, take a picture of you there and tell people how they can find you. After the event has finished, tell people where they can find you next time.

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How many are you doing? Hope you enjoyed this tips and if you have any, please let me know!!

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