How are you improving yourself in 2017? 

I am a big lover of self-development. I love to grow as a person and really enjoy learning and then passing on what I have learnt to others.

I use the following methods to develop but there are so much more out there:

  • Read books, E-Books and blogs.
  • Listen to Podcasts whilst riding or driving.
  • Watch Ted Talks and other videos.
  • Attend networking meetings and talk with others in your industry or related industry.
  • Watch presentations about personal stories and insights into different professions.

Everyone learns differently so it’s best to find the way that suits you the most. Once you have found the way that works, keep doing it.

My aim is to finish every year in a better position than the start of the year. I am pushing myself physically with My Indoor Challenge and this is testing me mentally as well. I have learnt new skills and this has pushed me out of any comfort zone that I had (and to be fair that was disappearing anyway!).

Hope this has been useful and let me know how you are developing you and your business this year!

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