Why should you bother with Video on Social Media?


In terms of engagement with your audience, nothing can beat Live Streaming and Video on Social Media. With the rise of Facebook Live, Live streaming is a great way of sharing content that can be used on different platforms. It is also easier than you think!

The hardest part of working out what to say and do on these and then doing them! So to make it easier for you, I will be releasing a blog a week over the next three weeks which are:

  1. 7 Ideas for Video and Live Streaming
  2. 9 tips for making sure your Facebook Live is fantastic.
  3. How to use Video and Live Streaming at Events.

Recently I went on 4NTV Live which is a Facebook Live beamed straight into the 4N Community. This is done every week between 8.30-9.00am by a different member of 4N. This is not a sales pitch but an insight into a specialist field or experience of their life.

I spoke about the 5 Marketing lessons you can learn from a Kinder Egg and so far this has had over 1700 views. It is full of useful information, hints and tips about Marketing, Branding and Networking.

After this, I shared it in groups on Facebook and connected with new people and this has led to sales. Video and Live Streaming works!

If you would like to see 5 Marketing lessons you can learn from a Kinder Egg, then CLICK HERE!

Also, one of the great things about video and live streaming is they are assets that you can use on other social media platforms including Youtube. They speed up the Know/Like/Trust circle and people feel like they know you before you meet them in person.

Also with the way social media is heading, a video will become an integral part of it and will take up more space on your news feed. Surely you want to be ahead of the game and learn everything now?

I hope you find the next 3 Blogs useful (and the video above) and I would love to hear how you have used video and Live Streaming for your business!

If would you like me to help you with your marketing then I offer weekly email, fortnightly calls and monthly guides (and so much more) for £50 per month. I you would like to know more, Click Here! 

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