Woman Who… Podcast Series

Podcasting at the Woman Who Awards.jpg

Here is where you will find the three Podcasts in this fantastic series to capture and celebrate the 2017 Woman Who… Awards. These will take you from when the finalists are being announced to hearing the winners reactions just as they got off the stage.

 Woman Who… Podcast No 1

woman who podcast 1

On the first Woman Who Podcast we will be talking to our Sponsors, Finalists and Organiser Sandra Garlick about what Woman Who means to them, how they feel about being in the final and what is next for them.

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 Woman Who… Podcast No 2

woman who podcast 2.PNG

On this show, we talk to some of the finalists, sponsors and a very special judge before the awards to see how they are feeling. We also announce the winners of the first three awards.

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Woman Who… Podcast No 3

woman who podcast 3

On the final show of the 2017 awards, we announce the rest of the winners, talk to the judges, organiser and some of the people who attended to see how they felt about the day.

Listen on AudioBoom Or  Listen on iTunes

I hope you enjoy the Podcasts and if you have an event or a meeting you would like me to come to and record, let me know!

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