What would happen to your social media if you got ill?

social media adn ill.PNG

Do you have days when you cannot be bothered to go onto social media?

I know I have so I thought I would write about it!

If you run a business then you need to be prepared for the days where you fall ill or, on the other extreme, get too busy to market your business. Suddenly you don’t have enough time to get everything done. When this happens normally the first thing to be dropped is social media, blogging or anything thing else that doesn’t give you an ROI straight away.

I hear this all the time as I talk to people about social media and it infuriates me.

Why? I hold down a full-time job and run a marketing business and still send out more content than most people – at the moment two blogs and newsletters, running a Networking Hour on Twitter, two radio shows, one podcast per week and running social media accounts for clients. If you do more than that, please let me know and I will buy you a drink!

If you want to do something then you will!!

Ok, there are times when it is tricky to manage my time and energy and one of those times was just before Christmas. I came down with the flu and it lasted 3 weeks. Some days I could not even think about anything but getting back to full health. It got me thinking about what would happen if I couldn’t work for a certain period of time; what would happen to my business?

I then came up with a plan to make sure that, if something did happen, I could still manage the content that I was sending out.

Here are my 5 top tips for managing your content when you are ill:

1. Schedule as much as you can so you know that your content will go out. This is great for blogs, podcasts and social media.

2. Have a library of content (blogs, podcasts and videos for example) that you can call upon if you need too. That way you are not panic writing when you are not feeling up to making even a cup of tea.

3. Have your key messages for social media to hand so if you need to pass it to someone, you both know the same message is being said. There are people who can help you do this from a few days to weeks. Especially when you are busy, this could really help you out.

4. Have a marketing plan for the year to anticipate busy periods. That way you won’t be in the position that you are “too busy” to create content. I am a great fan of planning in writing blocks when it is quiet and building a bank of material I can use.

5. Cross pollinate your content. Blogs can become videos or LinkedIn articles as well as newsletters to send out to mailing lists and all of these can filter down into tweets and Facebook posts.  Use what you’ve got across all your platforms. Also, if you are exhibiting or speaking at an event then you have so much content that you can use.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions then let me know.

P.S. By the way, at the moment I have the next 6 podcasts recorded and uploaded, the next 5 blogs ready to be published, the next two Leamington Hour Radio Shows uploaded and a plan in place to keep everything going just in case this happens to me. I am doing exactly what I am preaching in this blog!

P.P.S. If you are getting stuck on building content for your social media, come to my Creating Content Workshop. Click here to find out when the next one is!


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