What events are happening in and around Leamington in March. 

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Another month has been and gone and there is another bunch of brilliant and exciting events happening in and around Leamington, Warwick and Coventry. I am personally going to hold two workshops this month, one networking event and will be speaking at the Leamington Business Show and I cannot wait! (which I will showcase in a separate blog later this month).

What is happening in and around Leamington?

Wednesday 1st March- How to create Elite Health and make money.

Thursday 2nd March- Bindis in Business Networking Event

Monday 6th March- Group Cooking Lessons

Wednesday 8th March- Women’s Who Networking Event


Leamington Hour Networking Event
The next Leamington Hour Networking Event is on Wednesday 15th March at The Moorings at Myton and is at 7-9pm. We have lined up an amazing speaker in the form of Martin “The Warrior”  Warrilow.
Here is the link to get tickets for the event!

What else is happening in Leamington?

Wednesday 8th March- Socially Shared Women in Business Conference

Monday 13th March- Warwickshire Virtual Assistant Network

Wednesday 15th March- Various Leamington Hour Events

Saturday 18th March- NLP Exploration Day

Saturday 25 March- Watch Batman at The All Saints Parish Church

25th March- Leamington Comic Con

25th March- Fund-raising event for Therapy Angels

Monday 27th March- Video Marketing with your phone course

Friday 31st March- Leamington Business Show (separate blog to follow).

Creating Content Workshop.png

Leamington Hour Workshops
We have not one but two workshops on Wednesday 15th February and will be held at The Fat Pug at 11-1pm and 2-4pm. the Creating Content Workshop is design to give you an a list of tools for you to never wonder “What shall I post about today?”. To secure your seat, please get your ticket now!

We will be following that workshop with the Beginners’ Twitter Workshop which is there to help you get more confident with all aspects of Twitter.
To secure your seat, please get your ticket now!

Leamington Hour Podcast
We have over 30 Podcasts that can be downloaded from ITunes and Audioboom. New and exciting interviews are added every Friday.

You can listen to all of the previous episodes by Clicking here for ITunes! 

You can listen to all of the previous episodes by Clicking here for Audioboom! 

Hope you enjoyed this email  and remember to let me know of any events that you will be going to so I can advertise it.

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