Creating a Podcast Workshop

Creating a podcast.png

Do you listen to podcasts and dream of doing one?

Do you have a blog and you would love to use the content on a different medium?

Would you like to do a podcast but you are not sure what it would be about?

I can help you answer all these questions and give you the tools to create a podcast!

I formed the Leamington Hour Podcast after I had the chance to have my own show on Radio Warwickshire. This was a chance to spread the individual interviews that I had already recorded.

Also, it is a great way of raising your authority in your field and can strengthen your place in your market.

I love podcasting and in this 2-hour workshop, I will be talking you through the following:

  • Why you should have a podcast.
  • How to record a podcast.
  • What to say and what format you should use.
  • What questions should you ask during it?
  • How to market your podcast.

We also have a fellow Radio Warwickshire presenter Kirk Pickstone included in this workshop talking about uploading your podcast and different ways to market it.

During the workshop, we will be creating a podcast that everyone can use, giving you different options on recording one and relating this to your business.

If you are passionate about spreading messages, talking to people, creating content for social media or just love podcasts, this is for you!

Click here to book your ticket for this workshop

Podcasts are great and really easy to set up. I hope you can join me!!

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