What did we get up to on Wednesday at our first Networking Event of 2017.


On Wednesday evening we had an amazing time with 21 different businesses at our first Networking Event of 2017. We met at The Fat Pug in a very cosy room (there wasn’t any room to swing a cat!).

We had 45 minutes of open networking to start and then the presentation for the evening. After this we carried on Networking till 10:30pm (that is when I left and people were still talking!).


Our presenter for the evening was the brilliant Linda Scannell who spoke about Using video to market your business.

Her top three takeaway tips were:

  1. If you’ve videoed yourself once and hated the results, don’t give up! Practise a few times, watch yourself back each time and you will find that you improve.
  2. If the audio on your video sounds echoey, record it in a room that contains soft furnishings. Carpets, curtains, sofas, etc all help to reduce the echo.
  3. Avoid standing under downlighters. They cast dark shadows around the eyes and emphasise any imperfections. Look for light that casts soft shadows – daylight from a north-facing window is ideal.

I have set a challenge to everyone, to do a video and post it on a social media platform in the next few days. Please tag me into the post and a have a little prize for the best video that I see!

If you want to know more about Linda then you can check out her website here and we also recorded a Podcast which you can listen to us speaking about this here.


Now if you didn’t make it, then you can can still watch part of the presentation on our Facebook group as we always live stream parts of the presentation. Click here to go to our page and carry on networking with others on-line.

Also, thank you to all the members who came along. I will be awarding spot prizes to our members at each event as they are fantastic.

Congratulations Ernie Boxall for winning 4 promotion slots on the Leamington Hour Podcast which is worth £200!! If you want to know more about becoming a member then click here to check out what it is all about.

The next events will be on Wednesday 15th February when we will have the first Creating a Podcast Workshop and our next Leamington Hour’s Networking Event. Please come and join us if you are free and you like the sound of them.

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