10 ways to get involved with Leamington Hour

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At Leamington Hour we produce content to help you in a number of ways. Sometimes it is hard to keep up so this is an easy weekly planner letting you know how to get involved!


Leamington Hour Newsletter

This drops into your inbox at 6:30am and will give you information, blog links, podcasts links, things to do in the local area and so much more. You can sign up for it by clicking here!

Leamington Hour Radio Show

Between 6:30-7:30pm on Radio Warwickshire, we have the whole hour to talk to business owners and community leaders on subjects that they are passionate about. We feature music from local musicians and learn and gather great information to help develop you and your business. We have live as well as pre-recorded shows and you can listen to the show here, or previous shows are available to download and listen to here.


Leamington Hour Workshops 11-1pm or 2-5pm

Once a month we hold workshops to train you in different skills including our Beginners’ Twitter Workshop, How to use a Networking Hour, Creating Content for Social Media, Creating a Podcast, Networking Skills as well as bringing in some guest speakers. Each of the workshops are £25 and you can find more details here!

Leamington Hour Networking Hour 4-5pm

Come and join us on Twitter using the hashtag #leamingtonhour. Here is a step by step guide on how to use a networking hour before you go onto it.

Leamington Hour Radio Show 5-6pm and available to download at 6pm.

This is a repeat of the Monday show and is then available to download on Audioboom.

Leamington Hour Networking Events 7-9pm

Once a month we organise a networking event with two guest speakers. These are held in Leamington at a few different locations and are relaxed, informal and friendly. These are a great introduction into networking or make a great change to your current networking group. To see all of the dates, click here!


Leamington Hour Newsletter

This will be another email landing in your inbox with more helpful links, information and reviews of workshops and networking events we have had that week.

Leamington Hour Podcast

This is comprised of the very best interviews from The Leamington Hour Radio Show and comes out on Audioboom and iTunes at 7:00am. To see the selection of interviewees we have and to subscribe and download the interviews, click here!

The Unsigned Show- 8-9pm

On this show we showcase unsigned artists who are passionate about their music. We go nationwide to bring you a mix of artists, genres and messages all in this 1-hour show. To hear the show go to the Radio Warwickshire website.

Hope you enjoy this and please give me a call if you are not sure about anything.

Have a great week!

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